The Newest Thing to Hit the Table Since... Salt

Create a dining experience that's never been had before with Trifecta!



With a more satisfying dining experience, customers will return more often.

Easy to use and makes communication simple.

Get to customer’s needs faster.

The wait staff’s or bar tender's job will be much easier.

The newest thing to hit the bar since… coasters.

The dining experience has been the same for many, many years. It’s even safe to say that it’s been too many years. Trifecta breaks the trend of the ordinary restaurant or bar service by introducing a new indication system that makes it easy for the wait staff, more convenient for the customer, and an overall enhanced dining experience.


How It Works:

1. Menu - illuminates blue to request a menu

2. Order - illuminates orange to show ready to order

3. Refill - illuminates red to request a refill

4. Pay - illuminates green to indicate ready to pay

Meet Our Team


Making things happen, one invention at a time

Terique Greenfied, Entrepreneur, Founder, Music Composer

Highly accomplished industrial designer specializing in outstanding visual art direction, entrepreneurship and marketing strategies

Aldis Rauda, Divi Inc

Exceptional relationship building and business development strategist

Jose Perales, Business Development

Web, graphics, designer, specializes in creating dynamic & beautiful web pages.